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Is Tinder-Australia something for me?

Would you like to extend your social circle and are you looking for challenge and excitement? In that case Tinder-Australia is definitely something for you. Here you can enjoy flirtations without obligations with nice men and women and decide together what is going to be your next step. Any doubts? Registering is entirely free and gives you 1 free credits to try out the site. If you decide not to go further you can simply delete your profile. You have nothing to lose!

Will my privacy be protected?

All the information that you provide to us is protected. This means that the information can not be misused by other parties. We will not use your data for commercial purposes, nor will we pass the data on to third parties. Only Tinder-Australia is able to access your data, for functional purposes only, such as the services of Tinder-Australia itself.Tinder-Australia abides to strict privacy and secrecy policies.

What are credits?

Credits enable you to send messages, 1 credit equals 1 message or 1 wink. You can buy a bundle of credits using creditcard. You can choose the credit bundles listed below.

Number Description Price Per credit
1 1 credit $ 2.20 $ 2.20
8 8 credits $ 13.92 $ 1.74
25 25 credits $ 42.49 $ 1.70
50 50 credits $ 79.95 $ 1.60
100 100 credits $ 154.95 $ 1.55
300 300 credits $ 437.95 $ 1.46

What is a search profile?

In your search profile you can specify the type of man or woman that you are looking for. For example, where should he or she come from and do you have a preference for a person of a certain age? Based on this information you will receive matches. Every day we look for new matches so you will receive new messages regularly. Would you like to get more matches? Then make sure not to make your search profile too specific, for example by broadening the age limit or by selecting more provinces. But please note that it takes a couple of days for these changes to take effect. This means that you might receive matches based on the previous search criteria for a few more days.

Why is my profile photo not visible yet?

We check all photos manually in order to ensure their authenticity. A photograph must meet the following criteria, in case your photo is rejected you will receive an email notification.

  • The picture may not depict violent, illegal or discriminatory activities
  • The picture may not show persons under 18 years
  • The picture should not be copyrighted

Why is my profile text not visible yet?

All texts are manually checked by us in order to ensure the authenticity of what is written. A profile text must meet the following criteria, in case your profile text is rejected you will receive an email notification.

  • The text may not contain any contact options such as an email address or a telephone number
  • The text may not contain an url
  • The text may not contain violent, illegal or discriminatory topics
  • The text may not describe a person under 18 years

Why do I only receive a limited number of matches?

You can search for profiles yourself, besides that you receive matches of persons that meet your search criteria. In case you have a match with another person, this person also receives your profile as a match. In that case, the first step has already been taken!!

Every day, our advanced matching system is looking for new suitable matches. This means that you will receive new matches regularly. To keep everything well-organized for men as well as women we do not distribute all matches at once but rather in phases. So, make sure not to miss anything and check your matches every now and then.

Why can I not view all my messages?

Messages that are older than six months are archived and are not visible anymore.

How do I delete my profile?

On the support page you can find the option to delete your profile. Your profile is immediately deleted and you receive a confirmation through email. Please consider the fact that deleting a profile is permanent: matches, messages and credits will be lost.

How do I report a fake profile?

Despite our strict control it sometimes happens that a fake profile is active at the website. In that case, please fill out the contact form . We will take immediate action. Always be careful with SMS and call requests from fake profiles.

How can I turn emails from Tinder-Australia on or off?

These are the defaults that you may change for your new matches and new messages. You may change whether you receive daily or weekly notices of new matches and/or new messages here. It is also possible to change the settings for the e-mail service.

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